Officials: Trooper disciplined for sharing info with friend

August 22, 2022 GMT

WILMINGTON, Del. (AP) — A Delaware state trooper who illegally used a criminal justice computer system to find New Jersey vehicle information for a friend has been placed on six months’ probation, the Department of Justice said.

The department said Friday that James Boyda was asked to run the plates of a car his friend was “having problems with” in New Jersey in March, but Boyda didn’t know the car was parked in his friend’s ex-girlfriend’s driveway, The News Journal reported. Boyda gave the information to his friend, who used the information to harass his ex-girlfriend, officials said. The friend faces criminal charges in New Jersey.

While Boyda was clearly misled, “his lack of malice does not change the fact that his actions enabled the harassment of an innocent woman,” Delaware Attorney General Kathy Jennings said in an emailed statement.

According to the plea agreement, Boyda’s probation will end once he’s retrained and recertified in “acceptable” uses of law enforcement computer systems. Until his recertification, the Department of Justice said Boyda won’t be allowed to access any crime data. This probationary period replaces a suspended yearlong prison sentence.